The series of concerts under the Old Bridge (Starý most) on the riverbank Tyršák (Tyršovo nábrežie) in Bratislava was created as Grape’s reaction to the pandemic situation, its generally tight conditions and capacity restrictions. That is why the festival was relocated under the Old Bridge in a new minimalistic form. Visually, I was looking for an element that would connect the individual concerts. It was clear to me it should be their “location”.

The area under the Old Bridge features an artificial sand beach, volleyball courts and beach umbrellas. I decided to work with the element of sand. I’d already had some experience with drawing in the sand. This time I wanted to work with lettering and decided to draw the names of all the artists. We lit the scene up with coloured lights, always two different colours facing each other. It was an all-nighter :)


The video spot utilised the Old Bridge location even more markedly. It features a gang of dancers whose hypnotic movements take you from the bridge straight into sand, where their dancing scatters the hand-lettered Grape logo. The last scene with a BMW7 is shot exactly where the concerts were held. The pillar of the bridge was used for video projections. Moreover, the spot was supposed to evoke the atmosphere of the concerts themselves.

The most exciting part was the application on an advertising pole, which we had brought to the entrance. The different colour palettes placed closely together around the pole created a psychedelic optical effect.



Damian Pastirčák @damianpastircak


Andrey Istok @andrey_istok

Damian Pastirčák @damianpastircak