The year 2020 was a hard hit for all festivals in Europe. Therefore, this year practically didn’t take place. The theme of the festival was a farewell with its long-time venue of Piešťany Airport. We wanted to symbolically bury the old GRAPE and celebrate it with exuberant entertainment. The key visual is a floral altar, which I made in real size. The altar was created and decorated with objects that related to the festival and memories of it from the previous years. I combined the visual message of Santeria, Dia de los Muertos and the Indian Antyesti into one visual identity.

Grape Festival is ''The Festival'' in Slovakia, with more than 150,000 visitors over its 10-year history. Grape has now been sold out for 5 consecutive years and is every next year is redefining what contemporary audio-visual celebration should look like. We experimented and discovered a revolutionary approach of restarting brand communication every year with a completely different theme and identity. Although there was a risk of confusing the audience, the exact opposite happened - people were quickly hooked on the changing themes, wondering what the next year will look like.



Damian Pastirčák @damianpastircak


Lousy Auber @lousyauber

Andrey Istok @andrey_istok